Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another cruelty seizure. Puppies in need.

Two weeks ago, The Province newspaper published this article about a cruelty seizure in Surrey - which included an emaciated momma dog and 10 tiny puppies left to starve in their own filth. Our hearts went out to the poor girl and we desperately wanted to help.

HugABull is still paying vet bills from another cruelty seizure earlier this summer (involving 19 puppies) so we weren't sure we could afford another litter. Furthermore, we try to focus our resources on older dogs in the shelter system, as they face more barriers to adoption.

But at the end of the day, we couldn't turn our back on this poor, skeletal momma dog who was trying to raise her puppies in a noisy and unfamiliar shelter environment. We went to meet her on Saturday and she passed her temperament test with flying colours - wiggling and dispensing kisses for our volunteers.

This weekend, momma dog Norah moved to her foster home where she is warm, safe, and has plenty of attention. It's a happy coincidence that the foster mom is the adopter of Rosie, one of our "mange girls" from the Surrey rescue who is now fully recovered and the happiest little girl you can imagine.

So far mom and pups are doing great. Norah is eating well and already starting to relax - even initiating a play session with little Rosie. When the puppies are weaned in a few weeks, Norah will go to a permanent foster home on her own, be spayed and put up for adoption. At that time we hope the puppies will be able to go directly into foster-to-adopt homes with HugABull or our rescue partners Bully Buddies and Respect-A-Bull.

For now, things are looking good. All we need is 10 puppy names.

Five pups will be named by the top five donors to Floyd's veterinary care, because without your support of Floyd we would not be able to afford these puppies.

And....we'd like you to name the other five. Please comment here or on our Facebook page with your favourite puppy name - creativity encouraged!

Stay tuned for puppy photos and an announcement on names...


Anonymous said...

Cherry, Hemi, or Charger

Mandarin said...

Bigsby, Rumba, Zambia, Bolo, Mable (I have no idea why, but it somehow works LOL-Pitty's can make any name awsome).
Jallo, Sabra, Turnout, Disco

.....I could go on all night LOL

Anonymous said...

Clover...for good luck!
Nicole Emery, RAHT
Black Creek, BC

Anonymous said...

Korus, Petal, Roman, Kaper, Madge

krista_jane20 said...

Oryan, Siam, Tyrus, Butters, Bruce, Rover, Rave, Ruben, Vera, Madi, Mindy, Lola, Lima (pronounced LEEma), Daphne, Pheobe

Anonymous said...

Tex, Huck, Ziggy, Moe, Earl, Sable, Roscoe, Darla

Names of all the pitbulls that have loved me and been my best friends since I was a little girl. I hope these puppies find the best homes in Vancouver, if I wasn't a broke student I would take two. :(

Anonymous said...

zena or zeus because those puppies are warriors!!

Surrey, BC

Anonymous said...

Bandit,Anastasiya, huckleberry,fuego(Spanish for fire)

-i love pittbull breeds