Saturday, January 17, 2009

A blooming Bromance!!

Bronte has been back in our program for a couple of months now and has made himself right at home with his new foster family.

The Best of Buds

Comfortably waiting for his forever home...

Bronte is a dog that is full of life and would love to find his forever home, but for now, he is just enjoying himself and loving all the attention his foster family gives him. We will wait as long as it takes to find this special boy his true, forever home!

Time is running out... Please Help

The constitutional challenge to represent the collective, national interest of responsible dog owners, is in dire straits.

We are $67,000 short of being able to get our voices heard in Canada's highest court, the Supreme Court. We have been granted an extension to come up with this amount, but just till the end of January 2009.


On-SCARIO ( AKA Ontario Canada ) has flagrantly wasted tax payers dollars to act as Goliath against our David ( Banned Aid Coalition ) to ban any "substantially similar" dogs to the banned purebred dogs, American Stafforshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers.

Over 4000 dogs dead!! YES even puppies folks!


In essence, the Ontario government has taken over our Pedigree Act and has decided what breeds and mixes thereof will live, drive through or visit within its boundaries.
It simply doesn't matter whether you like the bully dogs. It is now a matter of sending a message to government we are no longer willing to allow politicians to sacrifice the lives of innocent dogs.


Please click on the "Donate!"

You can also make an online payment from your financial institution's website by sending a bill payment to
Send cheques or money orders directly to Mr Ruby at the following address,

Ruby & Shiller11 Prince Arthur Ave.Toronto, Ont.M5R 1B2

Update on Gabe

Gabe saw his Dr. today and had another set of x-rays to check his spleen... and..... it's back to normal!!!!

Gabe now had a clean bill of health, aside from arthritis, which will need regular medication. His total vet bill, prior to the x-rays and meds today, is $840 (plus another $110 from today).

So far, we've received a much appreciated $350 in donations to Gabe's medical expenses, and we could really use some more help.

You can donate to Gabe's medical costs via the Lovely Fund.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RSPCA Back Calls For Immediate End to BSL

What a start to 09' this is just the kind of news that makes us jump up and down. You can be sure that we will be following this story closely.

Dangerous Dogs Act Breakthrough: RSPCA Back Calls For Immediate End to BSL

January 7, 2009 by Alison Green

In a landmark event, the UK’s largest animal welfare charity the RSPCA has joined forces with DDAWatch and the Coalition For improved Dog Ownership Standards (C-fidos) to publicly call for an end to the unfair law that results in dogs being deemed ‘dangerous’ as a result of their physical appearance.

For the first time, the UK’s most prominent animal welfare organisation has been prepared to publicly support calls for a repeal of section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) - Section 1 is the part of the legislation which bans dogs based on their breed or type.

Section 1 of the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act is a highly controversial and widely criticised clause that promotes breed specific legislation. Many experts, law makers and dog lovers from around the UK and globally have seen the devastation caused by breed specific legislation - which outlaws dogs by ‘type’, meaning a dog is deemed ‘dangerous’ and illegal simply based on what it looks like and not because of any offence caused by the dog. As a result of breed specific legislation (BSL) in the UK, many innocent dogs have lost their lives since the law was brought in by Ken Baker in 1991.

Now the RSPCA has set the wheels in motion for other prominent welfare groups to come out and publicly call on the law makers to end section 1 and replace it with fair, effective dog laws which do not condemn dogs to death based on what the look like.

The UK can put itself in a position to follow the example set by the Netherlands in repealing section 1 in favour of a law that will place the burden of responsibility on owners rather than terminating the lives of dogs who are guilty of nothing more than looking a certain way.The move comes about following a productive and engaging meeting between the RSPCA’s Government Relations Manager, Claire Robinson, DDAWatch and the C- fidos at the end of 2008.

The RSPCA public backing for repeal gives anti BSL campaigners the boost they have been waiting for while sending a clear message to the Government that section 1 of the DDA is a failed, unfair concept that needs to be reformed without delay.DDAWatch - an anti BSL campaign group - has congratulated the RSPCA on the decision to call for action having been previously disheartened to hear many organisations publicly state anti BSL positions but falling short of actually calling for an immediate repeal of section 1.Alison Green of DDAWatch:“We are so thrilled to see the RSPCA step up to the plate on such an important issue that has cost the lives of many innocent dogs. For those people who have been actively involved in fighting section 1 cases, for those of us who’ve seen dog owner’s lives ripped apart by this appalling law, which has not protected the public at all, this announcement from the RSPCA will hopefully herald the start of many more calls for repeal and eventually the repeal itself. Now owners and anti BSL campaigners alike have some hope to cling to after so many false dawns. Now we have the opportunity of a lifetime to finally get the Government to see sense. They need to listen to the RSPCA and make the right call.

Section 1 has been an unmitigated failure and an animal welfare disaster. It is such a relief to hear the RSPCA being brave and honest enough to publicly call for a repeal where other influential and supposedly anti BSL organisations have fallen short, instead citing ‘political climate’ as a reason to keep BSL.”Ryan O’Meara, chief executive of C-fidos:“This is truly great news. It seems such a simple thing to do, to publicly support an end to BSL - especially given that the RSPCA and other major animal welfare organisations have publicly stated their position as being anti BSL - but despite the anti BSL positions held by many organisations and individuals we still have BSL and we have it because we still have section 1 of the DDA. The way to end BSL is to end section 1 and replace it. The RSPCA coming in with public support for the position held by C-fidos and DDAWatch gives legitimacy and momentum to campaigners to call on their government to end BSL.

It’s no longer a concept, being anti BSL, it’s a real, tangible opportunity to call the government to account over a highly unfair, unpopular and completely unsuccessful

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Move over 2008... 2009 is here and looking good.

2008 was a busy year, by far one of our busiest, and we are proud to look back and see all of our accomplishments.

Of course the most important being that in 2008 we placed 28 dogs into new, and loving homes.

Welcome home to:

CoCo Bean

Our Lovely Fund supported the recovery of 3 dogs this year, Holly, Beefcake and Gizmo. With the money raised each of these dogs got the medical support they so desperately needed, and have all found themselves in their forever homes.

Pit Ed Classes are picking up steam and have moved in doors (thank you House of Wags) with new classes starting every 6 weeks. You can be apart of this amazing training opportunity for only $30.00. To sign up please email us

HugABull participated in numerous community events this year, and the turn outs for each where amazing.

Can West Pet Expo
5th Annual Pits In The Park Vancouver
3rd Annual Pits In the Park Vancouver Island
Vancouver Pride Parade
Here for the Kids Pet and Kid Expo
Vancouver Dog Days
Big Gay Dog Walk
West Coast American Pit Bull Terrier Club Fun Show
Citizen Canine Walk
Everyone and their dog walk
Cloverdale Christmas Pet Fair
3rd Annual HugABull Fundraiser – Biggest and Best to date raising $4000.00

HugABull also hosted our 1st Annual Canine Good Neighbor Certificate test. Located in Langley and the other on Vancouver Island.

HugABull dogs that earned their CGN titles


In 2008 we also saw some changes within our group, loosing Co-Director Kirsta but gaining Event Coordinator Arlene. Shelagh stepped up from Co-Director to assume the position of Executive Director, moved Kristen from Event Coordinator to Co-Director and Carla from Vancouver Island Coordinator to Co-Director.

We are still looking for a dedicated individual to fill our Foster Coordinator position. If you are interested in joining our family and assisting us in our cause please email us at

Our 3rd calendar “Fashion-A-Bull.” was a huge success thanks to our wonderful photographers, who worked so hard. Dog and Hydrant and Unleashed Pet Photography

This Christmas marked another 1st for HugABull with our 1st annual Loki's Christmas Wish Fund. This event was an overwhelming success and the dogs and staff had a Christmas they will never forget. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported us.

In headline news:

Of course the Vick dogs setting a president in the handling of abused pit bulls used for fighting and showing the world that these dogs are not everything they were lead to believe. – Just check out September’s Sports Illustrated front cover. Our sincere thanks go out to all the rescue groups that worked so hard to make this a reality.

The Netherlands after 15 years remove their BSL laws and admit that banning a breed is ineffective.

Hal Harris, the master mind behind a number of Pit Bull attacks put BC in the spot light once again. However, the dogs that once belonged to him are looking at a possible second chance at life if the lawyers of one courageous woman have their way.

and Tigger reminded us the cruelty that humans are capable of, but also of the resilience of this breed and what they truly were created for... love!

Before we move forward into 2009 we must thank everyone that has supported us over this last year and over the last 5 years. We could not keep going without your help.

Look out 2009 here we come!

Tigger makes headline news!

Our very own Tigger and his new family have been popping up in the news all over the place, in an effort to follow up on how this boy is doing since he was first found suffering from burns to more than 30% of his body.

Tigger is LOVING the attention.

Click on CBC for the article

Here we come 2009 - WATCH OUT!!