Friday, November 23, 2007

So, what to do when its the US Thanksgiving Holiday???

....update our blog, thats what! So much work to do, and so little time. Just when HugABull thought it would be slowing down for the holidays, we took in a few more dogs, plus a mother and her 5 puppies! Buttercup (mom) and her babies (Petunia, Morning Glory, Cosmos, Dhalia, and Sunflower) are all doing well in foster care on Vancouver Island. The pups are available now to find their forever homes, and momma will be available very soon. All are as sweet as sweet can be, and will represent this breed well! Along with this gang we've also welcomed Miss Violet into our care. This girl is a stunner, with a personality to match. She too is now ready to find her forever home!

Milo is still waiting for the perfect home, and his foster dad reports he is "killer" as in AMAZING! I've been seeing this boy every weekend at Pit Ed class, and its true, this is one nice dog, and will make someone very lucky... and we hope soon!

Rex is now up for adoption. He is an all around great dog, making friends everywhere he goes, and turning heads with his good looks. Pocoyo pup is ready for applicants as well, and is waiting in a perfect foster home. One that will teach her all the basic commands, as well as a little manners. She is a sassy girl, and will make the perfect pet for the perfect owner.
Last, and certainly not least... sweet old man Dizzy. In fact, he doesn't seem that old, aside from a few gray hairs. This little guy is full of love, and will make anyone a very happy owner!
Other than the busy adoptions, our 2008 Calendar - Playground Bullies is available for order through our store They are in limited quantity, so make sure to order yours soon! We are also now offering HugABull dog tee's available in all sorts of colours. Those too can be found on our store.

Anywhoo..... just a short update... I suppose I should get back to the paying job... although the dog (non-paying) job is much more fun :^)

Happy Thanksgiving to all our USA friends...... and hope all of you have a super weekend!

~ Shelagh