Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Something the mange girls have taught me is... is impossible to photograph three rambunctious, unruly, untrained bullies at once. I consider myself a reasonably decent photographer, but getting a shot of the girls that's passable, never mind good, eludes me. Taking pics by yourself is useless, as you're instantly bowled over by the three of them, who are all frantic to be the one that gets closest to you, and gets in the most licks. Unfailingly, you end up covered in scratches, clobbered, knocked down, slimed with big Pit Bull tongue, and with nose prints on your lense.
Having an assistant is no better - you just get photos of them undergoing the same treatment! The problem is the girls, developmentally, are puppies. They act just like a litter of 8-10 week old pups, with the same level of enthusiasm and oblivion to where their feet and bodies are. However, unlike 8-10 week old puppies, they weigh between 45 and 60 lbs - oof!
Anyhow, here are a handful of the photos I took at SAINTS on Monday. The girls are having fun and on the mend, which is what matters. They're going into individual foster this coming weekend, so we should be able to get some better pictures then.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

At Last!

Due to our being chronically behind on updating our website, we've finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and give blogging a shot. Maybe it will help. More likely it will be one more thing we forget to, or don't have time to, update!

I'm new to blogging, and hope some of the other gals, who are more computer adept than I, will keep this puppy up and running, but in the meantime, I figured I'd best post something to get us started!

I received an update on the mangey girls from Carol at SAINTS today. They're doing well, and Jolie, who's been sick with terrible diarrhea (huge thanks to Carol for having the patience to clean up 12-15 watery, smelly, messes each day!), seems to be feeling a bit better. Her fecal came back showing no bacteria load, coccidia, or giardia. The vet figures her diarrhea is caused by the demodex itself, and/or the Ivermectin. So, Carol's giving Jolie some Kaopectate to try and firm up her poops, and Jolie's staying on the Flagyl, more as a preventative than anything.
All three girls are turning out to have lovely temperaments, and are good with cats - one of the resident kitties at SAINTS keeps jumping into their area, and they just sniff him curiously. George is still being a bit of a stinker at the fence with the other dogs, but not aggressively, she seems to think it's a great game.

Not much more to report. George and Lovely Bree should be going into foster this weekend, and then it will just be Jolie needing a foster home. Oh! - Bones has an adoption pending, which we're excited about. That boy has been waiting quite awhile, and we're really glad to see he's finally going to get a family of his very own. Also, the WCAPBT Club Funshow this past weekend was lots of fun, and it was nice to see some HugABullers there representing (Allison, Raylee, Tasha, Gen, EJ, Leslie & fam - I think that's everyone?). Proud to say my Grandma was there, wearing her HugABull swag and talking up the rescue dogs!