Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Pack Members...

Welcome to the pack….

HugABull is pleased to introduce three new steering committee members. While they have all been working with HugABull for quite a few months now, we thought it was high time we provided an official introduction and welcome.

Lauren steps into HugABull as our NEW Foster Care Coordinator – a position we know we’ve needed for some time. Lauren’s involvement with HugABull started two years ago when she adopted her first pit bull, the late but lovely Rex. Right away Lauren got involved conducting home checks, meet and greets and raising funds for Loki’s Christmas Wish Fund and the Lovely Fund. Today Lauren is the proud mom to Rex’s beloved foster brother and HugABull favourite, Bronte!

As Foster Care coordinator, Lauren will help organize our fostering process and be a point of contact for information and advice. Please contact her with any fostering-related inquiries at

Danielle K recently joined HugABull as our NEW Volunteer Coordinator. A proud pit bull owner to her wonderful dog Casey, Danielle wanted to get involved and help the breed she loved so much – but as a nurse with a variable schedule it was difficult to commit to a role. As a volunteer coordinator she can work from home keeping our volunteer list up-to-date and making sure our events and programs have the people resources they need to be successful.

To be added to our list, or for any other volunteer inquiries, contact Danielle at

April stumbled across HugABull when she contacted Shelagh for training advice when a shelter adoption went wrong. HugABull supported her through a difficult process, and today she is devoted to the group and ensuring others have a much better experience with rescued dogs. She is also a “failed” but proud foster mom to Chica, a HugABull alumni. April will be spearheading our media relations efforts, editing our newsletter, and lending her writing, marketing, and communications skills wherever she can.

For any media or marketing hints, tricks, or ideas, contact April at

We are always looking for people with the time and dedicated skill set to join our steering committee, so if you are looking at taking on a more active role, please let us know! Some areas we’d like to develop are training support, fundraising, BSL…just to mention a few.

In the meantime, we’re thrilled to add three talented women to our team, so please join me in welcoming Lauren, April and Danielle K!

Loki's Christmas Wish 2009

We are at it again.. last years event was such a huge success we had to keep it going and this year we want to make it bigger and better than the year before.

Check out last years success Loki's Christmas Wish 2008

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event, here is a little background.

Loki’s Christmas Wish Foundation was named after one of HugABull’s own. Loki was a 5 month old pup that came to HugABull from Chilliwack Animal Control. Surrendered by his previous owners Loki had been neglected and his future was uncertain.Luckily for him the team saw something in him, the determination to trust and be loved.

Just days after Christmas Loki found his forever home in the arms of a loving family whose life was forever changed. Unfortunately only 3 short years later Loki was laid to rest due to health issues. From Loki’s passing came this wish from his family. “Let no dog at Christmas time go unloved or unwanted”With that wish, each year in memory of Loki, HugABull will be collecting donations of dog beds, toys, treats, jackets, food and anything else that could give a dog something to bark about.

This year we will be collecting for New Westminster Animal Control and the Victoria CRD Pound. Two very deserving groups working hard with what they have.

New or Used items needed for in the kennels

Dog Beds - Please wash if used
Blankets - Please wash if used
Jackets - Great for dogs in kennels without heat, again please wash if used.
For Some Fun
Soccer Balls
Basket Balls
Lacrosse Balls
Stuffed soft toys
Long Tug Ropes
Ultra Balls

Treats that will REALLY make their christmas

Raw Meaty Bones - they would be in heaven
Bully Sticks - again a great chew for a lonely dog
Salmon Skin Chews
Healthy Dog Treats

Can't forget the Cats!! (calling all cat lovers)
This year because both shelters also support abandoned/neglected cats we are looking for donations for the felines at these shelters.

Cat Scratches
Cat Toys
Cat Nip
Cat Treats
If you can help with donations please email us
Carla at to make donations on the Island
Kristen at to make donations on the Mainland.

Let's work together to make sure these dogs get the Christmas they deserve.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vancouver Island Pits In The Park

Thank you to everyone that showed up and enjoyed the celebrations. This event is a hit every year and is a great way for us to visit with our past adopters, volunteers, fans and supporters.

Without you there would be no HugABull so thank you for your support, love of the breed and your desire to see a change.

Hug Dog Giselle soon will be looking for a home of her own

The Hug Team working hard

Time to give away the goods

Rock'n the shades and looking good

Hug Dog Jake striking a pose

Puppy Sterling was pooped after a long day of fun in the sun.

Thank you again to all our volunteer, supporters and fans you keep us motivated to do more for the dogs we all love.

Happy Pits In The Park... see you all next year!

Ginger and Randene Neill Make CNN

Ginger and Randene Neill made CNN... can you believe it? Who knew that this homeless Pit Bull would wow so many and as far away as New York to boot.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A sad day in Philly

We will keep this brief however we are very upset to hear that the Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick to a one year contract with the option of a second year.

While we guessed that talent would take weight over moral or ethical values we are still saddened that any team in the NFL would take him on.

Vick asks public for second chance with Eagles

Event PETA is jumping in on the action. Anything to get their name out.

Celebrities like PINK are not happy over this decision. PINK was quoted on her Twitter page saying

“wow. michael vick in MY hometown, Philly. of all the places. I hope the fans tear him to pieces like his beloved dogs.”

Abuse on the rise? Click to read what BADRAP has to say.

Foster Care hits the news...

"Fostering helps dog lovers find the right fit
Stray, surrendered and seized dogs benefit from HugABull" - Vancouver Courier Published: Friday, August 14, 2009

Thank you Cheryl Rossi with the Vancouver Courier for shining a light on the joys and benefits of fostering with HugABull.

And a big thank you to April and Chica for being the superstars that they are.

To read the whole article click here

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ginger is a viral video sensation!

Ginger is a gorgeous little girl from Surrey SPCA, and in true pit bull fashion she drenched Global TV anchor Randene Neill with kisses during a recent Adopt-A-Pet segment.

We dare you to watch this and not fall in love with this sweet dog! Apparently Global viewers did, and phones are ringing off the hook with adoption offers.

Kudos to Ginger for being her loveable bullie self, to SPCA Surrey for promoting our favourite breed on a high-profile TV show, and to Global TV for putting a true, wiggle-bum pit bull in the media spotlight. Well done!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pits In The Park - Island Style

Calling all Islanders!!!

Come out and join Vancouver Island HugABull at our 4th Annual Pits In The Park BBQ!

This much anticipated event draws tons of Pit Bull owners and their dogs from all over.

All well behaved on leash dogs are welcome and those that need a little more comfort room will be handed bandannas to ensure they get their space.

We hope to see you all there.

(Click on the picture of a larger view)

Friday, August 7, 2009


Thank you so much to everyone that opened their hearts and wallets to Chad and his family... You have help raise $470.00 towards Hemi's care and with more on its way we can are confident that Hemi can be spayed.

This has been a very emotional time for Chad and his family. Asking for help can sometimes be the hardest step and we are glad that we could help make that step a little easier. We know Chad appreicates this more than words can say.. but he tried

" You just made me cry!!! How emotional... My kids are freaking out right now and I am ballin like a 2 year This is fantastic news...we are so happy"

This just goes to show that the Pit Bull community is strong, supportive, alive and well... and we at HugABull are so proud to be apart of it.


WOW!!! in less than a 24hrs we have we have already gone WAY past the half way mark for Chad and Hemi... We have received $395.00

Thank you to everyone that has donated so far... keep up the kindness only $58.00 left to go!!!

Thank you to Priya Litler, Caitlin Mclagan, Shelley Moore, Linda Dewit, Shelley Cunningam, Shirley Palma, Leah Morgan, April Fahr,Corrine Arther, Keith Gange, Kasey Best & Sherri Luzi. Big thanks to Makoa Leather for offering to create Hemi a stunning new collar - Pictures will be posted and to House of Wags who intends on donating the proceeds from their raffle sales this weekend towards Hemi and her spay.

Only $58.00 left.... anything over and above goes towards Hemi's spay and then to HugABull.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Help HugABull Help Hemi!

Being a responsible dog owner requires a lot of things: patience, kindness, commitment...and sometimes money. Many of us know first-hand that when your dog gets very sick, very fast, this translates to massive vet bills.

But what do you do when the vet bill comes and you're already struggling financially? This is what Chad, a single dad from Maple Ridge, recently had to ask himself.

Earlier this year, Chad adopted Hemi as a companion to his two girls. The four of them bonded immediately and soon, no one could imagine life without her – especially Chad’s daughter, who lives with a bone growth deficiency that inhibits her development. Hemi is her best friend, playmate and personal therapy dog!

Two months ago, Chad lost his job. It wasn't an easy time but Chad has been making it work…until disaster struck two weeks ago when Hemi became very sick. Worried and not wanting to waste any time, Chad rushed his pet to the nearest Animal Hospital, where Hemi had emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage.

Chad didn’t hesitate to okay the surgery and save his dog, but when the dust settled he was faced with a bill for almost $2000. On an already limited income this was a shock, especially when the Animal Hospital refused to extend a payment plan to him. And they wouldn't release Hemi until the bill was paid…so every day that Hemi remained at the hospital, they charged an extra $55 for boarding fees!

Overwhelmed but determined, Chad kicked into overdrive. He drained his savings, and gathered his friends to organize fundraisers – pub nights, BBQ Hot dog & Burger sales at his house and email campaigns. When he came to HugABull we knew we needed to help. So many dogs are surrendered because their owners are unable or unwilling to provide basic vet care for their pets, and Chad has truly inspired us with his love and commitment to Hemi.

HugABull has been working with Chad and the vet’s office, and has committed to help him fundraise. With our support the vet’s office has agreed to release Hemi and a payment plan has been set up.

We ask our forum members to consider donating in support of Chad, someone who doesn’t like having to ask for money, but will do anything for his beloved pet. HugABull will be collecting donations through our Paypal account – just enter your donation and include “Hemi” on the donation form.

Any and all funds will go straight to Hemi’s medical bills. There is $453.00 currently owing, and Chad hopes to raise some of that at a car wash fundraiser this weekend. Any extra funds raised will go towards Hemi’s spay, and then to HugABull.

Help us help Hemi! Every $5 or $10 donation makes a difference...and helps Hemi recover at home with her family, where she belongs.

PAY PAL BUTTON (scroll to the bottom)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Pride!

Another perspective on Sunday's Pride march, set to music!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pit Bull Pride!

The Vancouver Pride Parade is a huge annual highlight for HugABull. Braving the August heat, we gather with our best Ambassadogs and committed human volunteers to show off the true nature of our happy, well-behaved (and well-dressed) pit bulls.

We celebrate this important, fun and colourful event, but at the same time we make an important statement. Discrimination is everywhere, and despite many advances in society, there are still people being judged on how they look or what other people perceive them to be.

This happens among us in the two-legged world, and it extends to animals too. We all deserve to be judged as individuals and to be proud of who we are, no matter what gender, age, sexual orientation, species...or breed!

Happy PRIDE!

Dayton from Vancouver Island won us all over with his friendly personality and huge grin.

Muay Thai, an agility dog always light on her feet, came as a girlie ballerina.

Walter's smile is almost as big as he is!

Lily showed that even senior citizens can enjoy some rainbow-themed fun, complete with fairy wings.

While June, looking sweet in pink gingham, proved that you are never too young for pride.

Edward is only one month out of the shelter, but already an expert at working the crowds.

Hunter won the costume contest with his Bob-the-builder outfit.

Maggie is the world's most focused Playboy bunny.

Even Jake, the photographer's dog, found some time to make new friends.

It was a long, hot walk, and by the end some dogs were starting to tire. Little Merlot's mom can carry him now...but something tells me she may have a harder time next year when he's all grown up!

Chica enjoys the frozen bandannas and gel collars that awaited the crew at the end of our march.

Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered, decorated, and photographed on this fabulous day of celebration!!