Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lot's to update

Well hello everyone! Hope you are all having as much fun with your bullies this summer as we at HugABull are! As it turns out, we've been keeping too busy with the pooches to update here much, so there's a lot to catch up on.

Pit Ed classes are in full swing, and a big hit. Everyone seems to be enjoying the classes, and they're starting to pay off. No more so than in star pupil Merlin, who has gone from a reactive pooch to a well-mannered boy who his owners are rightly very proud of. Shelagh will be sending enrollment for the next session out soon, so stay tuned! Also, a big congratulations to Shelagh, who is now a certified dog trainer. Having a problem with your puppy? Get in touch with Shelagh! She's got the answers, lots of good tips, and is taking in new clients!

Aside from Pit Ed classes, HugABull has been busy showing our PRIDE. Yes, HugABull had the opportunity to participate in this year's Pride Parade in Vancouver, and boy are we glad we did! It was a fantastic day, with perfect weather, and fun was had by all. With nearly 400 000 spectators, it was a great way to let our bullies shine. And shine they did! Sugar, Rhino, Dakota, Stella, Katzie, Brando, and T-Bone all showed Vancouver what these dogs are really about. They were a hit with everyone, including Vancouver's own mayor, who gave Rhino a nice public kiss on his oversized noggin'. A big thanks to everyone and their dogs, and of course to the Pride Society for letting us participate.

Of course we must update everyone on the mange girls. We're very pleased to announce that all three girls are doing fabulously. Jolie, as previously mentioned, has found her forever home with foster family Amba and Travis, and is looking very pretty now that her hair is growing back. After a rocky start where she was a bit too timid for our liking, Bree has gained confidence and is ready for foster-to-adopt. Stay tuned as she will appear on Petfinder soon. And Gorgeous George, aka Georgie-Porgie, aka Puddin', has found herself a home as well. It's a great home, as she's staying within the HugABull family, but we're not saying with who just yet - it's still a top secret surprise. On the health front, George and Bree both have most of their fur back, and are scheduled for their first skin scrape this coming Saturday. Fingers crossed that it comes back clear!

Speaking of mange girls brings me around to adoptions in general. I'm very happy to be able to tell you that Shylo, who was our featured pet for so long, has been adopted! Yay Shylo! She is now living the pampered lifestyle she deserves as the only pooch of a nice young couple over on the Island. Keep an eye on our Matches Made in Heaven page for updates.
I'm pleased to announce some up and coming adoptables for HugABull.

Rupert, who's been fostered on the Island this past month or so learning some doggy manners will be available for adoption any day now. This handsome pooch is real ambassadog material, and we're certain is headed for great things.

Also coming soon from the Island is "Tater Tot", a pint-sized puppy with a big heart. His foster mom reports he's a very good puppy, with loads of energy. Tater wound up in the shelter and rescue system because he had a leg broken very early in life, which needs to be surgically corrected. However, you'd never guess this pooch had an injury, with the way he tears around. We can only imagine how busy he'll be after his operation!

Chloe just entered our foster-to-adopt program from South Peace SPCA. This sweet gal has pretty much grown up in the shelter, through no fault of her own - she's just had bad luck in owners. The shelter stuck by Chloe, because they recognized a real diamond-in-the-rough. When new owners Jesse and Rebecca contacted us saying they were wanting a bullie to call their own who would excel at therapy work with special needs children, our search quickly led us to this sweet little brindle dog. She arrived by plane to her new family on Tuesday, and they were instantly smitten. A big thank you to Jesse and Rebecca for their patience in this somewhat unconventional adoption, that allowed us to take Chloe into our program!

Part of HugABull's new attempt to reach out to more remote shelters within the Province included taking in two beautiful bullies from the Prince Rupert SPCA. We were a bit unsure what to expect of these boys when they came off the plane, but quickly saw that the shelter staff at Prince Rupert SPCA know how to spot those special dogs. Introducing Stuart, aka "Stuey", and Connery, or "Conner" for short! These boys had a rough start to life, coming from a background of neglect (their lives prior to arriving at the shelter consisted of living in a small room together with no outside exposure), but their stellar temperaments shine through despite this. Affectionate and bright, they're quickly learning all about the world and picking up their manners and basic commands quickly. Stuey is learning the ropes out in Ukee with Carla and Dave (thanks guys!), while Conner is living it up with Angelica, Rob, and their adorable two-legged baby, Cole. You can expect to see these handsome young dogs for adoption in about a month's time.



And last, but certainly not least, a reminder to all of you about HugABull's fast-approaching 2nd annual fundraiser! This promises to be a great night, with lots going on. There will be good food, and plenty of entertainment, including the BC premier of Chris Cory's film, Diva Dog, and a wonderful doggy fashion show being put on by Puppy Palace. Tickets are only $20 and it's a great cause, so come on out and show your support!