Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh Happy Day!!!

We sure have something to smile about, actually we have three things to smile about. Pocoyo, Dexter & Levin have all been adopted and are now settling into their new FOREVER homes.

Princess Pocoyo has waited such a long time for her very own home and we couldn't be happier for her. Big thanks to her dedicated and commited foster family who have done wonders for her all their hardwork has really paid off.

Levin has found his new home back here on the mainland and is now with a wonderful family and their resident bully girl Cali.

Dexter has fallen inlove with his new family and thanks his wonderful foster mom for all her love and attention.

Now we are waiting for those wonderful family photos to come flooding in :o)

~ Welcome Home Doggies.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Them Island Boys

With the ladies getting all this attention with their beauty shots, the boys are feeling a wee-bit left out and who can blame them....

The 2 hunky dog dudes residing on the Island Levin and Dexter, are everything you want in a man dog. They have looks and the brains and they are turning heads all over the Island.


Big and goofy!

But oohhh so handsome!!!

Dexter the MAN!!!

Look what i can do....

These boys are so deserving of a great home that is going to love them and keep them as beloved pets.

If you think Dexter or Levin could be the dog for you please visit our website and fill out an application.

Sunny days make Happy dogs

Dexter and Hemi catching some rays.

Lily working her spring pole... how much fun is this???

Kayne taking a nice rest in the merry sunshine.

Hemi, Lily and Kayne (missing Junior) all belong to our wonderful Island Coordinator Carla. Her resident 4 dogs always enjoy when a foster brother or sister come to stay and are currently enjoying their time with foster brother Dexter.

Videos of the dogs having some fun...


Dogs being dogs

What! five Pit Bulls in a yard and know one is getting killed... SHOCKING!!! ;o)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Beauty Queens

We still can't believe that this stunning line up of ladies are still waiting for their forever homes. They have it all, the looks, the brains and they aren't afraid to kiss on the first date. ;o)

So with some beautiful new photos courtesy of The Dog & Hydrant, Choocha, Pocoyo and Missy are hoping that with this is what they need to catch the eye of deserving families.

Strike a pose girls!!

Read more about Choocha on Petfinder

Read more about Missy on Petfinder

Read more about Pocoyo on Petfinder

If you think that you have room for one of these lovely ladies, please vist our website.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Is Adoption the new word for SALE!?

It seems to me that the word "adopt" has taken on a new meaning in the dog world. People who had once said that they purchased their dogs from breeders or pet stores are now saying that they "Adopted" them!?

The word to "adopt" has been used by the rescue world and animal shelters alike for years and the words "for sale" have been used by breeders and pet stores. Now it seems that both breeders and pet stores alike are turning the phrase "Up for Adoption" as their new "For Sale" sign.

The word "adopt" has even reached super stars like Oprah she has recently decided to dedicate her show to Puppy Mills and has claimed that she will now only consider adopting dogs from shelters, (good for you Oprah!) but with that same breath she says, and here's that word again "that she has adopted her past dogs from a breeder". *insert smacks head icon here* says that the definition for "adopt" is to take on. Synonyms: accept, affiliate, affirm, , approve, assent, assume, embrace, endorse, follow, maintain, mimic, ratify, seize, select, support, take on, take over, take up, utilize

Antonyms: discard, leave alone, pass over, refuse, reject, repudiate, shun

The only reason I can think for this new change in lingo, is that large Pet Stores are looking to boost their live animal sales but at the same time mislead their consumer into thinking that what they are doing is good and to create the illusion that they are in no-way contributing to the increasing abandoned pet population.

One large pet store even goes so far as to issue a guarantee that none of the dogs, that they have up for "adoption" (sale) will ever end up in an Animal Shelter. However, that same Pet Store does not microchip or tattoo their dogs before leaving and so really has no way of knowing how many of their dogs are in a Shelter at this very moment. That sure is some guarantee!

It's too bad that it doesn't end here, this same Pet Store also claims that they only purchase their pets from Responsible Breeders , again misleading their clients into a false sense of security, when the rest of us, all know that these dogs are the product of Backyard Breeders.

The dogs pictured here all appear to be purebred. Some even have the papers to prove it! Most of these dogs were no doubt originally purchased from breeders as purebred stock. You might not know their pedigree, but a pedigree doesn't necessarily make a good pet! (all of these dogs came from local Animal Shelters)

Please if you are considering adding a new pet to your family, look to adopt, there are many wonderful cats and dogs waiting for you at your local shelter.

Spring is here...

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Slim Shady

Would the real "Slim" Shady please stand up? OK! so he isn't the real Slim Shady but we sure think he is cuter, and this Slim says had someone not found him when they did he might not have been able stand up at all.

Poor Slim was found out in Chilliwack, starving and scared, but in true pitty fashion he found it in himself to wag his little tail and give kisses to his rescuers.

Our director knew that Slims chances in the Chilliwack shelter were just that "slim" as they did not have the means or the space to care for this poor boy. With a quick temp test out of the way Danielle decided to pull Slim into HugABull and boy is he happy that she did. So far he has turned into the little adventurer taking a trip on the ferry boat across the ocean to Vancouver Island, to stay with his new foster family.

We just got an update and it looks that Slim is going to be in need of some dental work, as it turns out 4 of his teeth have been broken and he has what looks to be metal in his mouth!? Which leaves us to speculate that he either chewed through a fence or was eating whatever he could find.

Slim however, is now in good hands now with regular meals, his own cushy dog bed to rest his giant head and a cat to chase and pester and we don't believe that Slim will be so slim for much longer.
Slim is currently benefiting from The Lovely Fund and we are sure he is going to make a full and speedy recovery.

Click here to see Slims home video - He is already a star!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Abbotsford goes to the dogs.

This weekend the City of Abbotsford was taken over by dogs of every size, snakes, cats and even chickens. With the CanWest Pet Expo in town it was a very busy weekend for us.

Of course HugABull was out in full force with our army of volunteers,our flyers and of course our four legged friends. As the crowds grew and our booth got busy we had a great opportunity to show everyone just how great these dogs truly are, and with our furry friends there to prove it we had a lot of people walking away with a new perception of the breed.

There is nothing better than watching peoples eyes light up when they have a new understanding of the breed.

As information was being traded we got to see a lot of well behaved bully's stop by for some hugs and kisses. We also got a visit from News 1130 who were really interested in our Paw-Di-Cures (thank you Markeyda's Grooming for your support and hard work) as well as who HugABull was and what we where about. Keep your ears tuned in and maybe you will hear us.

One thing that we did start to notice was that sadly Pit Bulls have something in common with one of the smallest breeds of dogs. Chihuahuas, and that is that they are everywhere. If we thought we had it bad, well the Chi's are a close second.

I got a chance to speak to the BC Chihuahua Rescue Club and they are feeling the same as us, overwhelmed. Thanks to Miss Paris Hilton, Chihuahuas have started popping up all over the country and also in our shelter systems. With Backyard Breeders taking full advantage of this new trend in designer dogs, more and more of them are being over bred, and then abandoned. The reason we don't see many in the shelters around our area is that most shelters try to place them with private rescues as fast as possible as they are not equipped for such tiny creatures. But just because we can't see them as easily as we can the Pit Bulls doesn't mean they aren't there, because they are and in astonishing numbers. We tip our hats to BC Chihuahua Rescue and ask them to keep up the good work.

With theExpo behind us, we look forward to hearing from the new friends we made and maybe even from some of those whose minds may be a little more open to this wonderful breed.

Our biggest and sweetest client of the day, a rescued Cane Corso.