Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When to let go?

When we take on a pet weather it’s a cat, a dog or any other animal, there is always that little voice in the back of our mind that says “Don’t forget, someday you will have to say goodbye” It’s the voice we never want to acknowledge, the one we push to the back and ignore, going on with our day hoping that we never have to listen to it.

However the voice always comes back and sometimes when it does we have no choice but to sit down and hear it out.

Most of us hope that this time will come when our pets have fallen into old age, their bodies no longer can run and play like they used to. They can no longer make that trip around the block or up the stairs, so we make them comfortable and feel good in saying goodbye taking comfort in knowing that they where loved and lived a good life.

But what are we to do with those dogs whose minds have failed them? These are the dogs whose bodies still are young, agile and still full of life, but whose minds can not seem to handle the everyday people, places and stresses. How do we know when it’s better to let them go and have their turn at the bridge or hold onto them and manage their behavior?

Most people will agree that any animal that is in physical distress should be humanly let go in order to relive the animal from pain. However should the same be done for an animal in mental distress?

From a rescuers point of view, yes. We in rescue know what the perfect Pit Bull should be, it should be one of sound mind and soul, one who wants nothing more than to be with his people, all people and please them, one with confidence and strength.

But from an owner’s side and one that lives with a dog in mental distress, how do you tell the selfish side, the side that would rather keep them with you to spare yourself the pain, how do you let them go and let them be free of their pain?

I guess the question is how do you tell your heart what your head knows it right?

Dedicated to all those dogs who's backyard breeders didn't bother to temperament test.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Say Cheese!

If you haven't already noticed you might want to check our websites adoptable page. Some of our pictures are not like the others.

The stunning photo's you'll see of Pocoyo were provided to us by Tanya King, the owner of Vancouver's The Dog & Hydrant Dog Boutique & Photography.

As it turns out Tanya had met one of our past adopters at her store and after a brief discussion mentioned that she might be interested in helping us showcase some of our fabulous dogs. Once our Co-Director Danielle heard about this she jumped at the chance to speak with Tanya further and once everything was said and done, a new partnership was born and Pocoyo was scheduled for her big photo shoot. We are very thankful for Tanya's time and support and we look forward to working with her more in the future.

For more information on Tanya and The Dog & Hydrant please visit her website at

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On the 2008 Express

Like with every new year, we all start to think of personal resolutions, thing's we would like to improve and or expand on, and for us here at HugABull we do the very same. With a successful 2007 behind us, we are looking to expand on what went right and tweak the things that could have been better.

Things that went really right last year - Pit Ed Classes. With our very own certified Pet Dog Trainer Shelagh we got things right!!! Shelagh has been working her butt off helping bully owners combat bad behaviour. As we all know, bully breeds can sometime be rude at the end of the leash when they see another dog, and for many Vancouverites, Pit Ed was just what they needed.

With numerous classes under her belt and classes filling up so fast; we could'nt help but jump for joy over this great success.

If you are interested in getting your dog enrolled with Pit Ed please email Shelagh at

Another thing we got right! Public Events - Last year we really concentrated on getting ourselves involved with some very large scale events. The Vancouver Pet Expo, Pride Parade, BCSPCA Paws for a Cause and we even took some chances with the media. Well this year we have adapted the motto if it ain't broke don't fix it and we have lined ourselves up again to be apart of the Vancouver Pet Expo happening March 29 & 30th. This is the largest Pet Expo in BC and so we are very glad to be apart of it for another go round. If you are heading out to the Expo don't forget to come by and see us.

It had been a couple of years since our last Volunteer Meeting and so we decided it was time to get our new volunteers as well as our old updated on what was going to be taking place over the next year. We also wanted to update other bully owners on what was happeing in and around the Lower Mainland in regards to BSL = Breed Specific Legislation. Many where not aware of just how far it has creeped into our cozy little towns.
A new event for this year was our first ever CGN Test = Canine Good Neighbour Test. With Samantha Marshall at the wheel she ran a whole day devoted to getting Bully's their certificate. Everything went off almost without a hitch, everyone had a great time and she managed to certifiy a good number of Pit Bulls. Yahooo! Sam hopes to be hosting another one of these coming up in the near future, so keep your eyes on our website for more information.

Together in Pitties

Better late than never.

OK! i know what you all have been wondering. Where on earth have we been?! I know that we have absolutely neglected our blogging; BUT with so much going on can you really blame us?
Well, we hope not because with all the excitement that has surrounded us we now have lots to update you on. With that being said i believe a recap of last year (2007) is necessary.

2007 was busy for us and just as we were catching our breath 2008 started with a bang.

In 2007 we successfully placed a whopping 32 dogs into new loving forever homes. HURRAY and welcome home doggies!!!

Shylo, Tucker and their 6 pups
Stella and her 5 pups
Lola and her 6 pups
The Mangy Girls - Bree, Jolie & Georgie
The Brothers - Conner & Stuey
I really hope i am not missing anyone.

Beyond placing dogs we had a wonderful year of advocating and raising public awareness to this breed.

2007 marked a number of FIRSTS for us in regards to events. We had the pleasure of being at the LARGEST Pet Expo in BC the Vancouver Pet Expo at the Tradex in Aldergrove. We were involved in the Gay Pride Parade and words can not express how much fun we had and what great exposure we got. Their where people hanging their Pit Bulls in windows (safely) taking our flyer's and cheering us on. We had our 15 minutes of fame on the very popular morning TV show Urban Rush and we also had our 2nd Annual Fundraiser which brought us Chris Cory and his Diva Dog movie all the way from California

Danielle also started a project that has become ( showcased in previous blogs) come very dear to all of us working at HugABull. After being called to the Abbotsford Animal Shelter to see a couple of young Pit Bulls that had been found running at large, she was shocked beyond words when she saw the state of these dogs. After losing one of the sisters to sever mange she started The Lovely Fund. In memory of Lovely, who we were too late to help, Danielle has created a donation fund which will be reserved for providing medical care to shelter Pit Bulls who have health issues which limit their adaptability, focusing especially on Pit Bulls suffering from demodectic mange. So far 6 dogs have benefited from The Lovely Fund.

Here are some before and afters.

Georgie before

Georgie After

Bree Before

Bree After

Jolie Before

Jolie After

We now have 3 more dog benefiting from The Lovely Fund and all are responding wonderfully to their treatments.

With 2007 being so busy it was no doubt that we were all eager to get on with the new year and see what fun and excitement was awaiting us and our dogs.

Stay tuned.