Friday, May 30, 2008

Show & Tell

So it's been made public that anyone that owns a Pit Bull must be a Thug, Drug Dealer or just a BAD ASS. Hmmm funny, I don't remember ever getting arrested or been caught running around the streets breaking windows or selling drugs. On the contrary far from it; I'm the one that at 25 would rather say home on a Friday night watching Harry Potter for the 20th time. A nerd, maybe a Thug!? HARDLY!

If you are a Pit Bull owner, send us your stories, we want to hear from you. Send us photos and a little write up of you and your dog. Tell us how your dog is a breed ambassador and what you do to try a shine a positive light on the breed. You send them, we'll post them.


Could we have a Pit Bull Ban in BC? If this lawyer get's his way who knows, but let's sure hope not. I can understand sueing the owners of these dogs, but certainly not the SPCA or the City of Surrey.

I would suggest that everyone flood this lawyer with letters, pictures, whatever you can informing him that not all Pit Bull owners are drug dealers and criminals .

It's time to shine the light on the real RESPONSIBLE Pit Bull owners.

For the full article click here.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

HugABull Represents at the WCAPBTC

Last weekend was the Western Canadian American Pit Bull Terrier Club's Fun Show (what a mouth full) and HugABull was their to support our local club and our wonderful dogs.

Huge thank you to Selena (Club President) and to all her helpers as well as a super duper thank you to the fabulous Judge of the day Pete from Beauty and the Beast Kennels.

We all had such a wonderful time enjoying the dogs, sun and networking.

Here are some pictures from the day.

HugABull Crew at our booth

This boy sure knows how to work the weight pull

Danielle and Sugar picking up a nice blue ribbon

Slayer pulling his weight plus MUCH MUCH more

For more pictures from the days event please sign into our Online Forum

Why Oh Why!?

3 dog attacks all of course involving Pit Bulls have been publicised in the news and media in the last month.

May i ask, what on earth is going on?

It's stories like these that make us shake our heads. Just as the Bajwa tale was wrapping up and we were starting to breathing easy again and getting through to people that these dogs are not all bad, another attack rears it's ugly head and we are back to square one.

Please people, socialize your dogs, don't leave them unattended in your backyard. If you have children ensure that they know the rules for the dog, double check even triple check that your gates are locked and that your dogs is not running loose.

We need to see embassadogs out on the street socializing with people and showing the world that our dogs are not the monsters the media says they are.

Remember our dogs are only as good as we are...

Friday, May 23, 2008

A new face in Burnaby

There is a new face at the Burnaby SPCA and he is spreading the Pit Bull LOVE!!
Welcome Ryan Voutilainen we are so happy to have you.
Read the great article below.
Furry friends: Ryan Voutilainen gets some affection from a couple of the canine residents at Burnaby’s SPCA shelter.Photograph
by : Larry Wright/BURNABY NOW

Don't ban pit bulls - manager
Brooke Larsen, Burnaby NowPublished: Saturday, May 10, 2008
When it comes to pit bulls, Ryan Voutilainen's philosophy is simple: ban the deed, not the breed. When asked if pit bulls should be banned in Metro Vancouver, the manager of Burnaby's SPCA branch answered "definitely not."

"Any dog that, generally, has bitten somebody has done that because we've failed it in some way, not because of the dog," Voutilainen said. He also said that if pit bulls are banned, it sends the message that other breeds are completely safe. "It gives people a false sense of security that their animal would be fine," he said. Last week, a pit bull attacked an 11-year-old Surrey boy at a school playground. A neighbour came to his rescue and fought the dog off with a baseball bat. The boy suffered wounds to his legs, arm and head and required surgery and more than 100 stitches.

Voutilainen, who has worked as an animal cruelty investigator, said dogs that are neglected or abused by their owners are the most dangerous. He often saw dogs tied up in backyards for long periods that showed signs of serious stress, he said. "They don't know how to react around other dogs and around people," he added. "The big thing is education, and educating people that dogs have requirements." That also means knowing whether your dog needs a muzzle when it's taken out in public, he said. But Voutilainen said muzzles shouldn't be mandatory for pit bulls. "I don't think that's necessarily a requirement, either," he said. He describes pit bulls as "status dogs," often sought after because of their tough, muscular look. At the shelter, they are treated like any other dog, he said.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Heat Wave

The sun sure was shinning over this Victoria Day long weekend and what better way to cool off than this.

This picture was posted on our forum by Anita in Maple Ridge.
Her dog Hobbs sure looks like he was enjoying himself.

Please make sure that when you put on your sun screen to slap some on your trusty pal fido as well.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A letter to the Sun

One of our Volunteers/Adopters is having her letter published in the Vancouver Sun, you should expect to see it either Monday or Tuesday of this coming week, but for those that don't get the paper, here is what Arlene had to say.

I have owned dogs all my life and I currently own two pit bulls - both rescued from irresponsible owners. I am also a mauling victim - survived a vicious attack by a German Shephard when I was six - 158 stitches and six hours of facial surgery later - I have the scars to prove it. So I see both sides of the fence.....I am also a mother and yes, my son is actively involved in the lives of my two house-pit-bulls. So here is my opinion on a few things -

Responsible ownership of any breed - big and small- is imperative. This doesn't just mean having them on a leash - it means knowing what triggers, upsets, frightens or excites your dog and controlling it's environment to ensure the safety of all. Whether you own a toy poodle or a Mastiff - training is critical both to have control but also to build a bond between handler and dog. It is very time consuming but hey...if you don't want to spend the time, then you shouldn't own the pet.

Breed specific legislation scares me. The people that want vicious dogs will just move to another breed and it takes by far too long for the imperfect legislation to keep up. Instead, I prefer to have Owner Specific Legislation - in other words if you want to own any pet, you need to qualify for ownership (maybe show proof of seminars taken or training) and if your animal should ever cause harm to any human - harsh penalties should be imposed - including, in extreme cases,a ban from ever owning another animal. A little big brother - but in theory it would force the owners to be more accountable and responsible.

To this day, I have no idea what I ever did to invoke my attack - and I never will know.....I am very impressed with the father of this young boy and I truly believe that the father and his family will provide the support and guidance to their son to overcome the psychological and emotional wounds as well as the physical wounds.

No breed is the perfect breed for wish would be that before any person buys, adopts or rescues an animal that they fully research the breed and responsibilities attached to owning that breed. For me, pit bulls are a fit, but I didn't run out and get one overnight - it was a fully researched decision. Is a poodle for me? Nope....but my girlfriend loves her poodle!

In closing I am a strong supporter of responsible ownership. Owning any dog is alot of work and is a huge time commitment if you want to do it properly. I truly believe in "Blame the hand that leads, not the breed"

- Arlene G. Lambert

Arlene's dogs left to right - Beef (Hug alumi) and Coco Bean relaxing in the sun

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Calling All Pit Bull Lovers

With some of the media FINALLY reporting an even sided story we might possibly be seeing a shift in the way the media reports Pit Bull related stories. However, with that being said it still brings up the possibility that Lower Mainland Municipalities will jump on the "BAN THE PIT BULL" bandwagon.

We want to remind everyone that this fight affects every dog owner, not just Pit Bull owners. We need to remind our MLA's that Breed Bans don't stop dog bites - education and realistic dangerous dog legislation does.

Please write letters to Surrey's Mayor and Counsellor's as well as your local MLA's. There has been talk that Surrey might be meeting to discuss a Breed Ban and whether this is true or not lets let our Mayors and City appointed members know who really owns these dogs, responsible, law abiding citizens.

They way most BSL bylaws get passed is because most citizens don't know that they are even being discussed. Municipalities MUST post their upcoming agendas for their counsel meeting online and this is how we find out what they are planning.

If you happen to see that your municipalities is talking about banning Pit Bulls call your local City Hall and find out what needs to be done in order to speak at the counsel meeting. If there is a sign up sheet on hand at the meeting, fill it with Pro Pittie speakers. You will also want to get the word out before hand and rally your friends, family, fellow owners, dog lovers and anyone else that wants to have their voice heard. If you don't it could mean BSL in your town.
Links to some local City websites
These municipalities already have BSL but send them a letter a letter anyways letting them know how silly it really is.
~ Together in Pitties

HugABull Alumni Koda right where she belongs, in the arms of her loving owner.

Pit Bulls deserve your love, not hate.


Advocacy and Rescue Society
517 E. 11th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5T 2E1
Phone – 778-889-3723


Contact: Shelagh Begg
Phone: 778-889-3723

It is with great sadness that we learn of the attack against the young boy in Surrey, BC. Our thoughts go out to the Bajwa family during this difficult time.

We at HugABull trust the authorities will do everything possible to ensure this incident is handled with due diligence and reason.

This deplorable incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible dog ownership in our communities. HugABull also supports and advocates dangerous dog legislation which will protect the public from any and all aggressive dogs, regardless of breed, and hopes that this incident leads to the development of stronger, more effective legislation.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pit Bull Mauling - Surrey

It's the kind of story we hope we never hear, a young boy playing in a park mauled by a loose Pit Bull, but on Sunday May 5th that is what exactly happened and the media, well they had a field day.

I woke up this Tuesday morning to the headline from The Province Newspaper reading "THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE" and thought to myself "Please don't be a Pit Bull, please don't be a Pit Bull" but today i was not lucky enough to have my prayers answered, it was a Pit Bull and an 11 year old boy was in hospital.

Young Sean Bajwa was playing with friends near his home in a park when two loose Pit Bulls came onto the field. Although we don't know what happened after the dogs appeared, what triggered the one dog to grab hold, we may never know, but whatever the circumstances Sean ended up in the hospital with 100 stitches and those two Pit Bulls are now property of the SPCA waiting their fate.

However, through the terrible incident and through the media hysteria that was created there was a small sliver lining, and it came from the boys father. Mr. Bajwa did not want to blame the dogs, he wanted to blame the owners. He said he realized that not all dogs are bad but that bad ownership and lack of proper training and socialization was most likely what caused his sons injuries. *can i hug this man?* Then later on today Global News broadcasted an interview they had with Sean Bajwa from his hospital room. Sean mirrord his father in his views in that he too did not blame the dogs, but rather he blamed the owners, who he believes trained this dog to attack. *Wise words from such a young boy*

For an 11 year old to be able to speak in such a mature way and to be able to see that these animals are just that animals and are what we make them is something to be admired and respected. It's something that i wish others in the Lower Mainland could also see and hear and then take with them when they think about Pit Bulls. I wish they could look at each dog as an individual and not paint them all with the same brush.

With that being said our heart felt condolences go out to Sean and his family and we wish him a speedy recovery. He is one very wise, strong, special and lucky boy.

On a side note.....

There has been alot of negetive backlash directed towards Pit Bull owners from the public and that was to be expected. However this is for all the responsible Pit Bull owners, you know who you are. Just remember we are very much like our dogs, we are strong, dedicated, loyal, passionate and kind and it is these qualities that help us through tough times. Together we are united, stand alone and we fall. We know our dogs will never hurt a child or person, we know that our dogs will sleep at the end of our beds and wake up the next morning to hugs and kisses and it is with these dogs that we will change minds, open hearts and show the community that the actions of one do not represent us all.

Together in Pitties.

Rock'n The Island

Our Island crew was out in full force representing HugABull and spreading the good Pit Bull vibe at the 5th Annual Citizen Canine Walk and from the pictures it looks like they had an amazing turn out and everyone had a great time.

With all these people, our dogs must have been thinking one thing and one thing only.

"So many people to love and so little time to do it"

left to right Dexter, Stuey & Slim

And look who else showed up to show off.....

HugABull Alumni Dexter (just recently adopted) out and about with mom and dad. Dexture did not want to miss his time to shine and show off his new parens. He sure looks like he was having a great time.

And who is this handsome boy!? He sure looks familar.....

This is Slim, a few months ago he was skin - & - bone, Now, well you can see he has come along way. Oh! and Slim has added a few extra letters to his name. He is now Slim CGN. That's right while at the Citizen Canine Walk Slim passed his Canine Good Neighbour Exam. WAY TO GO SLIM !!!!!

Big thanks goes out to his dedicated foster family, you have done such a teriffic job and Carla do we need to tell you again how AMAZING you are, well one more time won't hurt, you are amazing. ;o)

HugABull Alumni Stuey CGN (pictured here with Slim) was on hand to give moral support to Slim and provide some insite on what he might expect in the ring. Slim was pretty happy to have him there.

and after a day full of socializing and playing Slim CGN and Kayne thought it was time to take a nap.