Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This one is a Touch Down!


To read this AMAZING article check out BADRAP

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Loki's Christmas Wish SUCCESS!


A HUGE thank you to everyone that answered our call for help. Loki's Christmas Wish was an amazing success all because of you.

To those that opened their wallets we raised an amazing $625.00 for the dogs at Chilliwack Animal Control I must thank you!!!

Krista Johnston - Langley
Marilee Baxter - Duncan
Alexandra Weynerowski - Penticton
Gwen Stepanick - Cloverdale
Karli Gasiorowski - Coquitlam
Jennifer Arbo - New Westminster
K & G Custom Metal - Conway AR USA
Mike & Lori West - Vancouver
Lael Miller - Williams Lake
Barb Melnick - Maple Ridge
Diane Merenick - Maple Ridge
Rosario Brittnum - Maple Ridge
Aqua Trans - Langley

To those that rounded up toys, blankets and treats

Meghan & Shawn - Squamish
Sarah - Whistler
Caitlin & Ian -Vancouver
Kayte - Coquitlam
Gennifer & Chris - Burnaby
Lauren & Luke - Langely
Ali & Nicole - Vancouver
Simone - Vancouver
Kely - Vancouver
Sherly - Surrrey
Rachel - Pitt Meadows
Treena -Pitt Meadows
Tasha & Allen - Vancouver
Jennifer & Randy - Abbotsford
Shelagh - Vancouver
Barb - Maple Ridge

To the organizations that helped us make our money go further... much further

Michelle and Staff at Bosleys - Coquitlam
Dog & Hydrant - Vancouver
Little Mischief Rescue - Vancouver
Big Heart Rescue - Vancouver
No Puppy Mills Canada - Vancouver
RC Pet Products - Vancouver
Aron Pet Products - Abbotsford
The Beloved Dog - Burnaby
Rio Friendly Meats - Vancouver

To Arlene and Lori for helping me put together the beautiful memory book. To Kayte and Arlene who helped me haul everything out to Chilliwack and to my loving fiance who let our house become a storage locker until the big drop off.

and a hugh thank you to Trina and her staff at Chilliwack Animal Control for doing all they can with what they had to work with. We really hope that the new items will make your work at the shelter a little easier.

All our efforts...

Chilliwack Animal Control

The Kennels

The Caring Staff

The Gifts

The Happy Dogs with there new stuff

More than enough yummy bones to enjoy

This was a Christmas that the staff and dogs at Chilliwack Animal Control will never forget.

Thank you to everyone that made this event so special... and thank you Loki for teaching us all about love and trust. We miss you but know that you are with us always,
I hope we made you proud.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Look for us on City TV this Monday December 15:

Before Tigger came into HugABull, City TV aired a piece on him, his terrible abuse and how he was look for his forever home. Now that he has found it they want to do a follow-up piece.

Tigger is now living on the Island and could not make the trip over however CITY TV have talked with Tiger's adopter over the phone (with their permission of course) and they will be able to talk on the phone at the time City TV airs.

So, Monday morning, Executive Director Shelagh Begg will be heading down to the studio with Dizzy her very own rescued dog where they will be meeting with Mark Vosper from the SPCA to do a follow up on the happy ending tales of these dogs, along with some positive press for us, the SPCA and pitties!

Check this out on Monday morning at appx 7:45am

A New Name... A New Life

Gabriel, or "Gabe" is not the tough dog he looks like - this boy is a total marshmallow, and the only thing bigger than that enormous head of his is his heart!

Gabe's life has been very difficult prior to coming into HugABull's foster program. He was kept for breeding and owned by an unsavory character who was breeding dogs for fighting, and isolated in an outdoor dog run most of the time. Gabe was kept with two younger, larger dogs who beat him up, and has terrible facial scars as a result. His ears have been cropped in a terrible home-crop job, which has left him with no external ear. His tail was docked also. Despite all of this, Gabe is a gentle, loving boy, who gets on well with other dogs, including his two canine foster sisters.

Gabe is estimated to be about 7 years old, past the nonsense of puppyhood, but with plenty of good years in him yet. He's a stately gent, with beautiful house manners. Gabe is a dream in the house, and has caught onto the foster home's routines quickly. He'll make a fantastic companion for someone who's looking for a laid-back pooch to snuggle and walk with.

However, Gabe needs your help. A routine exam during his neuter appointment turned up an enlarged spleen. We've been putting him through a flurry of tests, to try and determine why his spleen is enlarged and treat the cause, and the vet bills are quickly adding up. You can help Gabe, and others like him, by donating to HugABull's Lovely Fund.

Gabe will not be available for adoption until his health issue has been resolved. However, if you would like to be considered for Gabe once he's available, please fill out and submit an application form.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Loki's Christmas Wish Fund

Loki’s Christmas Wish Foundation was named after one of HugABull’s own. Loki was a 5 month old pup that came to HugABull from Chilliwack Animal Control. Surrendered by his previous owners Loki had been neglected and his future was uncertain. Luckily for him the team saw something in him, the determination to trust and be loved. Just days after Christmas Loki found his forever home in the arms of a loving family whose life was forever changed. Unfortunately only 3 short years later Loki was laid to rest due to health issues. From Loki’s passing came this wish from his family. “Let no dog at Christmas time go unloved or unwanted”

With that wish, each year in memory of Loki, HugABull will be collecting donations of dog beds, toys, treats, jackets, food and anything else that could give a dog something to bark about.

New or Used Items Needed

For In The Kennels

Dog Beds - Please wash if used
Blankets - Please wash if used
Jackets - Great for dogs in kennels without heat, again please wash if used.

For Some Fun

Soccer Balls
Basket Balls
Lacrosse Balls
Stuffed soft toys
Long Tug Ropes
Ultra Balls

Treats That Will REALLY Make Their Christmas

Raw Meaty Bones - they would be in heaven
Bully Sticks - again a great chew for a lonely dog
Salmon Skin Chews
Healthy Dog Treats

If you can help with donations please email us at hugabull@gmail.com

Let's work together to make sure these dogs get the Christmas they deserve.