Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Because...

we couldn't agree more.

Huckelberry and Family

Just because I am an American Pit Bull Terrier owner does it mean...

1. That I am uneducated.

2. That I am irresponsible.

3. I do not care about the general safety of public, my neighbors, my community but most of all my family or the ones I care about the most.

4. That I am a drug dealer, thug, gang banger, gangster or a criminal.

5. That I am so called trailer trash! (who cares if you live in a trailer ANYWAYS!?)

6. That I do drugs.

7. That I some how lack self confidence and need a so-called "macho" dog to make up for my short comings (my dogs are wimps!).

8. That I am a dog fighter.

9. That I hate other breeds of dogs, sure there are breeds I would not own. But I am not a breed basher.

10. That my dogs are like having a loaded weapon.

11. That I enjoy having people be afraid of my dogs, in fact it insults, hurts and frustrates me. You might as well insult my family or my loved ones, to me it is no different.

12. That I am not a functioning member of my community or society for that matter.

13. That I am welfare.

14. That my dogs are tied up in the backyard collecting dust, dirt, bad manners and becoming possibly unsocialized dangerous animals.

15. That I let my dogs run free, off-leash or take them to places where dogs are not allowed.

16. That I feel that the by-laws or any laws for that matter are some how below me.

17. That I am selfish.

18. That I do not hold a full-time job.

19. That I feel like I am not 100% responsible for my dogs actions good or bad.

20. That my dogs are untrained, dangerous, not good with other people, children or other animals.

21. That my dogs will 'snap' at any moment.

22. That my dogs are not properly cared for, health or otherwise.

23. That I cannot afford to properly care for my dogs needs, be it health care, food, proper grooming, training or toys. My dogs are SPOILED to a fault...ask anyone I know.

24. That your children are unsafe around my dogs.

25. That you are not safe around my dogs.

26. That I am violent.

27. That I have a lifestyle that could be deemed shady or criminal. 28. That I will endanger my children.

29. That my dogs are monsters.

30. That I am not in control of my dogs at all times.

Written by HuckleberryNJaeden's Mom

On the look out

For a Victoria man who is allowing his dogs to run around off leash attacking other dogs and injuring people in the process, we hope that you are found.

Full Story Below

VICTORIA - Authorities in the Victoria area are looking for a man whose band of pit bull-crosses has been terrorizing neighbourhoods across British Columbia, attacking people and killing other dogs.

The last attack was on July 7 in the Victoria suburb of North Saanich, and killed a mini American Eskimo dog. The owner, who is believed to own between four and seven pit bulls, reportedly received 50 stitches after trying to pull his dogs off the smaller dog, said the area's chief bylaw officer, Don Brown. While the dogs were on a leash, they weren't muzzled, he said. By the time bylaw officers went to the dog owner's address in Sidney, B.C., the day after the attack, the man had left with the dogs, which have been declared dangerous.

The pit bulls' first violent strike occurred last August in Surrey, near Vancouver. There have since been seven more attacks. Two of the attacks injured a jogger and a cyclist and the rest targeted other, smaller dogs, killing two in total. "Obviously we're very, very concerned, because this guy is walking out there and, with eight incidents, it's just a matter of time before there's another one," said Brown. "People could be hurt."

The region's bylaw service has put out a warrant to seize the dangerous dogs from the owner and have them put down. Surrey is seeking charges under their animal-control bylaw and if convicted, the man could face fines, an order to put down the dogs or be barred from owning animals in the future, said Brown. The man could also face charges of criminal negligence if he knows his dogs are a danger to others, said B.C. SPCA spokeswoman Corry Anderson-Fennell. The B.C. SPCA is working with Surrey RCMP and regional SPCAs to try to capture the man and his pit bulls, she said. "By moving around, he's certainly making it more difficult and eluding the authorities," said Anderson-Fennell. As the man and his dogs move into new neighbourhoods, they pose a new threat to residents who might not be aware of the pit bulls' vicious reputation, she said.

Bylaw services would not release the name of the man but described him as a 50- to 60-year-old with long, grey, wavy hair and a grey beard. He is tall with a slim build and was most recently seen driving a 1995 green Dodge Caravan, they said. "We want to get these dogs off the road before they seriously injure somebody or another dog," said Brown.

We urge the owner of these dogs to turn himself into Police and take responsibility for his actions.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hurray! Verizon Ad Pulled

We have a reason to smile

Dear HugABull,

You signed the petition, Make Verizon Accountable. Can They Hear Us Now?, on Jul 21, 2008.

The petition received 5083 signatures. The petition author, R. Brace and the ASPCA online community, has now closed the petition and posted the results:

Message from the petition author, R. Brace and the ASPCA online community:

I have just spoken with Steve Schwartzman, Executive Coordinator, who told me that the offensive ad has been pulled in all markets.

Thank you to all who signed this petition and made the calls! Mr. Schwartzman was very understanding of our feelings, and admitted that they have received quite a bit of heat over this commercial. Each and every one of you made the difference.

Thank you again.

Renee Brace and the ASPCA Online Community

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ring Ring "Don't support Verizon"

Verizon has gone and opened a can of worms with there new Dare campaign and I hope they are ready to hear what the public has to say.

Verizon's new ad depicts 2 Pit Bulls chained in a wreaking yard. A young man jumps the fence and the race is on, who is going to get to the new LG phone first.

This add is horrendous and exploits a breed that already fighting an uphill battle. Complaints have been made, petitions have been put together to pull the ad but Verizon refuses to budge. There is no doubt that Verizon new ahead of time the controversy this ad would create, but we all know that no press is bad press.

If you are interested in telling Verizon what you think about this ad please contact

Ivan Seidenberg,
Chairman and CEO Verizon
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007

Or sign the online petition

Monday, July 21, 2008

Power Tools & Pit Bulls

When HugABull was contacted by past adopters Jessica and Mark, they informed us that in order to keep their dog Shrek they had to raise their backyard fence from 5ft to the city required 6ft. With the cost of material they where worried they would not be able to comply and worried about what would happen to their beloved family pet.

So we did what anyone would do, we planned a party… a fence building party and with a very generous donation from Aquatrans Distributors Inc we had the funds needed to start our project.

With the sun shining directors Danielle, Shelagh and Kristen along Shrek’s family and volunteer Kayte with HugABull Alumni Maggie got out our power tools, nails and screws and went to work. Shrek needed a higher fence and by gosh we where going to give it to him.

What's the old saying, measure twice cut once!?

Yup, everything is going well down here

That looks about right.

All this work for one special boy

Family Pet Shot & Killed

Family outraged after RCMP shoots and kills family pet pit bull
'Mason'Photo courtesy Basra family

Monday, July 21 - 05:25:00 PM Claudia Kwan


A Surrey family is grieving the death of their pet dog at the hands of RCMP officers Sunday morning. They're also asking why the dog had to be killed. RCMP confirm they shot and killed a pet pit bull, after responding to a dropped 911 call in the Newton area, around 80th Avenue and 132-A Street.

RCMP Sergeant Roger Morrow says officers went into a fenced area of the home, and ran into a pit bull-bull mastiff cross breed. "The dog, in essence, backs the member up, and it comes to the point where (the dog) is merely a foot or so away, and appears to be getting ready to come at the police officers...and 2 shots were fired."

The family that owns the dog says they are heartbroken that their beloved pet 'Mason' was killed as he played in his own yard. Rajan Basra says the 2 and a half year old dog was part of the family. "He brought so much happiness into our world. We'd joke around and call him our baby brother. My mom used to feed him, before she'd feed herself."

Basra says their dog heard the gate opening and ran up because he thought someone was coming to play with him. She maintains the dog was not aggressive at all. The family believes the dog was shot partly because it was a pit bull.

Another soul lost to ignorance

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missing a piece of our heart

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to HugABull Alumni Loki. His family laid him to rest with the Angels knowing that now he would be able to run and play without worry.

We will always remember his wrinkled brow, his big brown eyes that went deep to your soul and the love he held for his family and those close to him.


"He was our heart and soul, he taught us more about compassion and trust than anyone ever could. He brought so much joy and happiness to our lives and for that we are forever grateful. We miss the wonderful snuggles he would give, the cute grunting noises he would make when he was comfortable in your arms and the happy dance he would do when he would greet us at the door. Our lives wont be the same without him but our memories carry us forward and we smile whenever we think about him. " - Loki's mom & dad

Click to view our memorial video

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Even more frightning are human beings

This artical was posted on

Police and SPCA officials in Trail, B.C., are on the hunt for someone who set a pit bull on fire and caused third-degree burns to at least 30 per cent of its body.

RCMP believe the dog was doused in gasoline and set on fire July 2. It was discovered by Randy Kaiser when it wandered into a Trail backyard. "His face was all burned and scratched. He was missing skin on his legs. He was holding one up because he was in so much pain," said Kaiser on Wednesday.

The dog's owner told SPCA officials his dog, Tigger, went missing about two hours before he was found burned. The 18-month-old dog is now on several kinds of painkillers and covered in gauze and bandages to promote healing and prevent infection. "He has been very good — very patient with us. He's in a lot of pain," said veterinarian April Chappel of the Arrow Lakes Veterinary Clinic.

"We bandaged him up as best as we could through the whole chest and backside," said Chappel.But Tigger is in very rough shape and recovery is expected to take a long time. The vet is hopeful, but says there is no guarantee he will pull through. "Things have gotten worse over the past week as the tissue that was burned is dying. And he just actually came out of anesthetic to have his wounds debrided, to remove that dead tissue," said Chappel."It's pretty sad to see how bad this has gone and hopefully it won't get too much worse before it gets better. I really hope we find the guy," said Chappel.

Charges could be laid under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Criminal Code, but so far there are no clues about who is responsible.

What I find even more disturbing are some of the comments made by readers.
  • cbr69er wrote: I hate pitbulls, I wish it was dead!

    1867man wrote: Hey, c'mon guys - it was a Pit Bull! running loose in a residential neighbourhood (first time?)! fool thing may have blowed itself up attacking a lawn tractor. 1) put it down humanely - it's even less trustworthy now. 2) fine the owner for not having control over the dog 3) if someone is found that burned it - they may need counselling - but they may have been well-motivated. humans come first!

    TheHilt wrote: If a pit bull, or any other stupid animal, ever bit anyone in my family, I'd happily set it on fire. Mind you, with the price of fuel a hammer might be a lot cheaper...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Big Scary Pit Bull...

In a TuTu???

This is Rhino at the Big Gay Dog Walk and he wants to know how you think he looks in pink!?

Move over ladies, I know how to make this look real good... holla!

For more pictures of the Big Gay Dog Walk vist the following link