Tuesday, May 25, 2010

23 Dogs - Update!

It’s been almost a month since the seizure of 26 dogs from a property in Surrey, and the past weeks have been some of our busiest. Together with the dogs previously in our program, we had a record of 36 HugABull dogs at one point!

All of the 23 dogs transferred to local rescues were in poor health, and many of them got worse before they got better. Almost every dog had severe internal parasites and some degree of kennel cough. The puppies came to us with malnutrition and underdeveloped immune systems, and most developed some degree of bronchitis or pneumonia. Many had to go back into intensive care at the veterinarian's office.

A couple of the puppies started limping and xrays showed hairline fractures and soft tissue injuries. We believe that poor nutrition and lack of proper mobility in their first months of life left them with poor bone and muscle development.

The five mange pups are in wonderful homes who are administering the medication and care they need to get healthy. They are playful little girls and their beautiful coats are starting to fill in.

(To see photos and status updates of all 23 dogs, visit our designated web page: http://hugabull.com/23-dogs)

We have received so many donations of supplies, food, and cash since our last update – as well as many generous offers to foster and provide transport for these dogs. Applications for puppies came pouring in, but even after adoption fees are collected we will be just over 50% of our fundraising goal (when all is said and done the costs and vet bills for the 17 dogs currently in our care will likely exceed $8000).

Thankfully we have sponsors who continue to step forward, and some dedicated volunteers organizing events like Hungry for HugABull in Victoria, a Saanich car wash, and a special showcase at the Vancouver Petnerships event to fundraise while we focus on getting these dogs healthy and into the homes they deserve.

To make a donation to help these dogs, use PayPal or contact info@hugabull.com

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Are you CGN ready?

We are huge fans of the Canine Good Neighbour(CGN) designation. It's a Canadian Kennel Club initiative where dog and handler face 12 challenges encountered in every day life. Successful dogs receive their CGN designation - acknowledging your dog's good manners and your commitment to responsible ownership.

The CGN is encouraged for all breeds, but for pit bull owners in particular, it's a wonderful way to show friends, neighbours, landlords and city councillors what great citizens our dogs can be. In some jurisdictions, like Nanaimo, BC, it can also exempt us from Breed Specific Legislation.

Not sure if you're ready? You might be closer than you think. The test requires basic obedience and self-control - not perfection! For just $25 a session, it's worth a try.

June 13, 2010
5610 Goring St, Burnaby, BC (Canine Corner Parking Lot)
11am - 4pm (individual test times to be given upon registration)

Registration Fee: $25.00
To register, email info@hugabull.com

Need a little inspiration? Check out the HugABull CGN Hall of Fame.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gearing up for summer!

Summer at HugABull means events season - you'll be noticing us out and about in the months ahead. We had a wonderful time last Saturday at the Flea Market Fundraiser in Vancouver with funds raised for "Seized 23" and lots of opportunities to mingle with other HugABullers. Thanks for everyone who sold, visited, and bought hot dogs in support of dogs in need!

Now we turn our attention to Vancouver Island, where some amazing volunteers have stepped forward to organize fundraisers in support of the 30+ dogs in our program who will continue to need time, nurturing, and medical care.

Car Wash - June 19, 2010
Saanich, BC

Hungry for HugABull - June 13
Government Street location, downtown Victoria

Nando's chicken is generously donating 10% of proceeds (with coupon, below) on June 13. Come by to enjoy a great meal at a discounted price, support a worthy cause, and enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown Victoria.

Print and share coupons for this one-time-only event!

A very special thanks to Janice and Natalie for leading these two fantastic events!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reminder - Fundraising Flea Market on Sunday (Vancouver)

As you start to make your weekend plans, remember to set aside some time on Sunday for the HugABull Flea Market Fundraiser at Dizine Canine Training Centre in East Vancouver.

We'll have tables set up with treasures for sale, with proceeds to benefit HugABull. (If you'd like to book a table to sell your stuff, contact info@hugabull.com right away).

There will also be a fundraising barbeque and bake sale. After accepting 23 neglected and abused dogs into our program last week, we will put all proceeds to good use.

Please stop by to shop, to eat, to visit...and with any donations!

For dogs

- Cash for vet and other expenses
- Collars and leashes (especially puppy-sized)
- Durable toys (Kongs, Nylabones, ChuckIt balls, etc)
- Treats (minimal ingredients, natural are best)
- Chewies (digestible ones like bully sticks or salmon skins rather than rawhide)

For humans
- Treats for the bake sale! Cookies, cupcakes, squares, candies and even dog treats are welcome. Please package individually if possible and all proceeds from the sale will directly benefit our foster dogs.

We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

23 dogs in 24 hours! Update, thanks, and next steps.

Thanks to the incredible support of the HugABull community, we now have foster homes designated for all 23 dogs from last week's SPCA seizure. This is an amazing accomplishment and we are so proud and grateful for the dozens of people who stepped up to save these dogs and give them a future brighter than anything they've ever known.

Thank you to everyone who Twittered, Facebooked, emailed, phoned and posted for foster homes. A very special kudos to Bully Buddies (who took five puppies), Cambie Animal Hospital (who boarded and treated the dogs with barely any notice), and - of course - the SPCA who took these animals out of deplorable conditions and called us.

As exhilarated as we are, we know that our work has only begun. The dogs need significant vet care, and adoption fees won't even begin to cover costs. All of the 17 dogs in our care need vaccinations, spay/neuter, and deworming. All puppies have some degree of respiratory infection, and others have gastrointestinal problems. Three of them have mange so severe they are bald and bleeding (that's one of them, at left). The adults have open and infected wounds, and one may need a leg amputation.

It's going to be a long and costly project to get these dogs healthy and into loving, responsible homes, and we'd love your help! Fundraising is our #1 goal at the moment, so if you can donate - even just $5 or $10 - please consider doing so. Visit http://hugabull.com/how-to-help/donate for details, or go directly to PayPal. (Stay tuned for updates on our dogs and opportunities to sponsor individual pups in need!)

We'll also be needing the following in the coming days and weeks:
- transport between foster homes and vet visits (for Vancouver and Vancouver Island)
- supplies for older puppies (food, collars, leashes, jackets, toys)
- supplies for adults (food, treats, chews, collars, leashes, toys)
- temporary and relief fosters
- adoptive homes! (if you know of a loving, responsible home interested in adopting a bully breed, send them to our Adoptables page)

Once again: THANK YOU. We can't wait to share updates and stories with all of you.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ever thought about fostering? Help needed urgently!

We have a very large number of puppies coming into our program! Age range is 2 to 3.5 months, all of them with beautiful temperaments and beautiful looks. Some have gone into foster care and some are at the vet pending treatment for kennel cough and mange, but HugABull is working with other local rescues to get all of them into foster care.

If you've ever considered fostering, this is your chance. We'll be providing more details in the days to come, but in the meantime contact info@hugabull.com if you might be able to foster a dog in need. You may also want to visit http://hugabull.com/adoption/foster-care for more information on our program.