Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween & Dogs

Just a reminder that with Halloween only days away things can get pretty scary for your k-9 companion.

Having worked in the shelter system i have seen first hand what happens to those dogs whose owners do not take the proper steps to keep their dogs safe and secure.

Firecrackers while fun for humans, can be very scary for dogs. If you are planning on taking your son or daughter out trick or treating, please leave fido at home secure in the house.

Never leave your dog outside alone on Halloween, many get spooked by the loud noises and end up getting out and lost. With so many people dressed up in scary costumes it is easy for dogs to get confused and injured.

For dogs that are extra spooked at loud noises, you can try adding a little Rescue Remedy to their collar or a bandana to help calm their nerves. This can be purcased at your local drug store easily.

The safest and best place for your dog on Halloween is inside your house with a bone to chew on and a warm bed to relax on.

If you are going to be having kids coming to your door, make sure your dog has the obedience manners to stay sitting at a location in your home where they can not end up rushing out the door if spooked by a noise of child in costume.

Keep Fido Safe & Happy Halloween

HugABull Hounds Looking For Homes

Meet the HugABull Hounds

Tigger! You might remember this guy from the news a few months ago, when someone thought it would be a good idea to light him on fire. In spite of receiving burns to almost 30% of his body, resulting in the amputation of his right ear, Tigger put his trust in the people that saved him, and has shown nothing but love and affection ever since. His continuing faith in humans in spite of what he's been through, is a true testament to the Pit Bull breed.

Handsome Hugh Hefner is a sweet and charming boy whose amazing personality and drop dead good looks are breaking hearts all over town. This loveable character wiggled his way into our program all the way from a shelter up North and just like his two brothers before him Hugh is a dog with an amazing personality.

Our newest little lady Sophie! She is not available yet but will be after she has settled in and has learned some puppy manners. Keep your eyes open for this little angel, she is as sweet as she looks.

Poor Jane is still waiting for her forever family. She's not too sure why she hasn't found a home yet, and neither are we. Jane is everything you could want in a dog: affectionate, obedient, playful, and compact. With her small size, lovely house-manners, and wash-and-go coat, Jane is a ready-made companion, perfect for a single, couple or family (yes, she's great with kids!) with an active lifestyle.

If you are interested in any of these dogs please fill out an application form

HugABull Calenders are on the way!!!!





ONLY $20.00

The Giggle Dam was Dam Good!

For an event that almost didn't happen you could imagine our surprise to find that this year's fundraiser was the best to date. Great entertainment, food, friends and prizes helped to make our 3rd annual fundraiser the best one yet!

Thank you again to EVERYONE that came out to support us. HugABull raised close to $4000 dollars.

We would also like to sent out a special thanks to our sponsors:
Dog & Hydrant, Vancouver Canadians, Vancouver Whitecaps, Verbatim Words West, RC Pet Products, Broadway Massage, Wickaninnish Inn, Canadian Princess, Savvy Studios, Cactus Club, Angelo's Salon & Spa, Rubio Jewlers, Live to Surf Shop, Dizine Canine & Markeyda's Grooming

Here are some pictures of last nights entertainment.

The Entertainment

The Prizes

The Guests

The Winners

The Friends

The Fun

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Pit Bull Parade!

Come out and join us for a Halloween Pit Bull Parade at Port Moody's Rocky Point Park.

October 28th 6:30pm in the parking lot. You can't miss us, just look for all the dressed up pooches.


How much fun was our parade!? We received so many great comments, and smiles from passers by. Some costumes where so convincing that motorist turned around to have a second look. Here are some pictures from the event.






Sad Day In Ontario

The Ontario Court Of Appeal has ruled that it will not remove the Pit Bull Ban that is currently in place.

Article from the Globe & Mail

The Canadian Press
October 24, 2008 at 5:24 PM EDT

TORONTO — Pit bulls are dangerous and unpredictable dogs that have the potential to attack without warning, the Ontario Court of Appeal said Friday in a decision upholding the province's ban on the animals.

The Ontario government enacted the Dog Owners' Liability Act in 2005 to ban the breeding, sale and ownership of pit bulls after several incidents in which the dogs attacked people.
The Appeal Court ruled Friday that the ban on the breed does not violate any constitutional rights, as lawyers had argued.

The law survived a constitutional challenge in March of 2007, though some changes were ordered. Superior Court Justice Thea Herman said a ban on “pit bull terriers” was unconstitutionally vague because it didn't refer to a specific type or breed of dog.
But the Appeal Court disagreed, restoring the law to the form in which it was enacted.
“The total ban on pit bulls is not ‘arbitrary' or ‘grossly disproportionate' in light of the evidence that pit bulls have a tendency to be unpredictable and that even apparently docile pit bulls may attack without warning or provocation,” the judges said in their decision Friday.

“This evidence of unpredictability provided the legislature with a sufficient basis to conclude that the protection of public safety required no less drastic measures than a total ban on pit bulls.”
Lawyer Clayton Ruby, who challenged the law, called it a “sad day” in Ontario.
“Kind, loving, gentle dogs are being killed across this province for no reason,” he said in a statement.“The provincial government should focus their efforts and resources on identifying truly dangerous dogs rather than apprehending and killing dogs that pose no threat at all.”
Mr. Ruby said he is considering an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Jean-anne Moors of Banned Aid, a coalition fighting the ban, said the group knew it was fighting an uphill battle against the government, but she is still “very disappointed.”
“I have three so-called pit bull-type dogs who are all legal under the law,” she said, meaning she owned the dogs before the law came into effect and they are muzzled when out in public.
Still, she said, “Everybody's looking at me as if I'm some kind of criminal when I walk down the streets with my dogs. They have no history of aggression.”

Ms. Moors said the law sets a troubling precedent because it's not just a pit bull issue.
“If a government ... can make such an arbitrary decision that a dog is a bad and dangerous dog and seize it under certain circumstances and destroy it ... that's a matter of concern to anybody who has a dog — period.”

Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley said he was pleased the court upheld the legislation.
“We brought in the legislation because it was important to keep people safe, and our province will do whatever it takes to keep the people of Ontario safe,” he said.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Offering a helping hand to Churro

Churro (look at this face!!!)
I had to get Churro up on the Blog. This boy really needs to find his forever home. If you are looking for an energetic male to hang out and snuggle with, he is your boy.

Churro is young, athletic and very outgoing! He does know one or two basic commands, once he gets "his beans out" and can concentrate a bit. He shows a lot of will to please to learn more things from people, and settles down quickly out on leash walks.

This is an agile, athletic dog who also has a lazy side to him. While he's quite comfortable jumping on top of the play yard dog house to "get a better look at the world", he also can often be found lounging in the chair out there as yes, we said he sits in the chair :) vs. being on the ground. Maybe he thinks he's a person? Who knows!

Churro would benefit from someone who can continue to fine-tune his manners. He can be a handful on a leash around other dogs initially, but enjoys them if he can run out around them to get his energy out first. He tends to be jumpy when first excited, so an adult home or one with older kids would suit him best.

Please be advised that our dogs are strays, so we do not have any background history on them. To meet any of the dogs, please visit the Vancouver Animal Shelter (VAS) at 1280 Raymur Street in Vancouver, or call 604-871-6888 .

Friday, October 17, 2008


This is it, your last weekend to order tickets for our upcoming fundraiser.

We have some amazing gifts to be won. A great time is going to be had by all.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Turkey Weekend!!!

Maggie says "Bring on the Turkey!!"

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Come laugh with us! HugABull's 3rd Annual Fundraiser

Tickets are now on sale for HugABull's 3rd Annual Fundraiser.

Date: Sunday October 26 2008
Location: The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre
Time: Doors open @ 3:30PM
Cost: $48.00 Dinner and a Show
Prizes: Amazing raffle baskets donated by DogSafe, Rollover, RC Pet Products, Pacific National Exhibition, Urban Pets , Vancouver Whitecaps, Vancouver Canadians, and many many more

How to order tickets? Simple! Just call 604-9GIGGLE and let them know you are attending the HUGABULL fundraiser. Its that simple.

Place your order through our PayPal button... Click Here

This event is going to offer something for everyone, not just the dog lover so bring your whole family or get your co-workers together we promise you will leave full and happy.

Thank you for supporting HugABull.