Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Loki's Christmas Wish - Breaking Records!

Loki's Christmas Wish Fund has always been a bright spot in the holiday season. Our rescue activities happen year-round, but in December we take a little extra time to connect with the under-resourced shelters in our community and put homeless pets on our shopping list.

Each year, the program chooses an under-resourced shelter in the communities HugABull serves, and collects donations from our supporters. Cash, bedding, toys, food and treats are collected through volunteers and drop-off points, and donated to the chosen shelter to help them through the holiday season and beyond.

This year we expanded our network to the Okanagan region in addition to Vancouver and Vancouver Island. The response in all three areas has been spectacular! A few highlights include:

In Victoria, Your Pet Pals has donated their window and an entire corner of their store to promoting and collecting for Loki's (above).

In the Okanagan/Interior region, we've had amazing support in just our first year. Wayside Printers donated printing for flyers and Hagen's Travel ran an ad for us. Tail Blazers is not only providing a drop-off location but providing incredible discounts to anyone who purchases items for donations.

And in Vancouver, we had an unexpected army of holiday angels in the form of a company called Aerocar. This group has been collecting for shelter animals for months, and after hearing about Loki's they decided to send donations our way. They have an enormous amount of toys, treats and goodies to share - far more than one shelter is able to store. So we've been able to expand our list of recipients!

On our Facebook page ( we're taking nominations for Lower Mainland rescues who could benefit from all of these amazing donations. Then we allow people to vote on the finalists at

Lend your voice, and stay tuned for updates. Donations are accepted year round, and 100% of proceeds benefit shelter animals and HugABull foster dogs. Full information is on the website (there are too many amazing organizations and volunteers to name here, so they have their very own page).

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