Friday, October 8, 2010

Floyd is a lucky boy.


We asked for help with Floyd's medical bills, and we could not have been more inspired by your response. We have received 26 donations to date, ranging from $10 to $300!

This has been phenomenal, not only by helping us through a precarious financial period, but by reminding us how very much you care. Your supportive words, and the time and thought behind every donation is so much appreciated by all of us who work on the front lines.

We are pretty sure Floyd knows how lucky he is, because he is a thoroughly happy boy completely in love with his new life. He has settled into foster care and has wonderful house manners (even around the grouchy cat who won't play with him). His health status overall is good, although he's fighting a nasal infection as a result of the untreated trauma to his face.

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, to all of Floyd's guardian angels, listed here alphabetically:

Sam, Arlo and Draiman Andress
Candice Archer
Lyn Bittner
Kaile Biglow
Jessica Coulter-Brown
Jennifer Cully
Gini Davenport
Dave Davies
Karen Grange-Buie
Amy Hazlett
Tamarack Hockin
Sara Lima (on behalf of Paco Collars)
Sheri Luzzi
Kieran McConnell and Jessica Main
Jan McDonagh (in memory of Rascal)
Monica, Tom and Tiger
Nicole McTague
Kim Peacock
Elise Redmond
Kim Rose
Southpoint Hospital
Jessica Schlegel
Kym Spencer
Stephen Sutherland
Signy Thorleifson
Veselka Wilson-Nanka
Shantala Wilson

Dayle Francis
Jonathan Phaneuf
Andrew Scaglione

And for those of you on the island, Kim Rose is organizing a pet portrait fundraiser in Courtenay on Saturday, October 23. Bring your pet to the Van Isle Pet Hospital for a portrait session by donation, with proceeds directed to HugABull. More details on facebook and on Kim's website.

Please note that we don't have a final total on Floyd's medical expenses, but if donations surpass our bills, you can rest assured that 100% of these funds will be directed to medical care of other dogs in need.

Until our next update, a little glimpse into Floyd's idea of "bed rest"!

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Anonymous said...

good to see Floyd having a playful heart