Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 dogs in review - GABE

As the year comes to a close, we thought it was good time to reflect on the dozens of dogs we've rescued and re-homed this year. Check out this year's calendar for 12 wonderful stories, and we'll be posting new ones here over the next few weeks.


Handsome and dignified Gabriel was a fixture on our Adoptables page for close to a year. He came to HugABull in late 2008 in a sorry state: for the first 5-6 years of his life, Gabe had been kenneled with younger, unneutered males who beat up on him constantly.

Gabe limped into the Victoria Pound covered with scars, wounds, and suffering from numerous other health problems, including a botched ear-crop job that left him with little more than two holes in the side of his head. But those big soulful eyes caught the heart of Danielle, a HugABull director at the time, and she was determined to give him the caring, stress-free forever home he deserved. She found him a space with one of our most experienced foster homes where he settled right in with his gentle, elderly foster sisters Sunny and Nutmeg.

Many people fell in love with Gabe, and applications came pouring in, but there was never quite the right fit. He is a loving and sensitive boy who wouldn't have done well in busy, noisy or unstructured environments, with cats, or with a pushy dog sibling.

As time went on, it became clear that he was extremely happy and comfortable where he was. So in Fall 2009, Danielle asked Gabe' s foster family if they would consider adopting him. They hesitated only because adopting a third dog meant that they could no longer foster. But in the end they decided Gabe was worth it, and the papers were signed a few months ago.

Gabe's parents send us frequent updates and bring him on walks with other HugABull dogs. He continues to do wonderfully and his parents couldn't imagine life without him. Neighbours have become accustomed to the sight of that giant head at the front window, waiting patiently during the day for his parents to come home. He trails his parents around the house, accompanies them on trips to Home Depot, and adores his sisters.

You can imagine how sad last week was when big sister Sunny passed away. Although the entire family is grieving, Gabe's parents say that having him in their home has been a blessing and all of them - especially Nutmeg - take so much comfort in having this special boy in their lives.

Gabe did not have an easy path to his forever home, but thanks to Danielle, his foster family, and all the others that believed in him, he finally has the life he deserves. While we send our condolences for Sunny's loss, we are comforted to know that Gabe's sweet and sensitive heart will help with the healing process.

Our favourite photo showing the pack on the move!

He may be middle aged, but Gabe can still play ball with the best of them.

A little sniff between siblings.

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Jule said...

Go Gabe! I found hug-a-bull as a resource when I was deciding whether or not to adopt my first pittie and decided to browse the adoptables page just for fun. I saw Gabe and absolutely fell in love with him! Even applying for an adoption wasn`t an option for me since my new little pittie girl was giving us lots to do, but I kept checking back to look at all the adoptable dogs and it broke my heart everytime Gabe was still listed. When he finally showed up as adopted I was so happy for him! Congrats to Gabe and his new family!