Monday, April 13, 2009

One Amazing Team

Sometimes you are lucky to find someone truly special, for Arlo that person was Sam.

Arlo was adopted through HugABull to Sam Andress and her husband Cam back in October of 2004. Sam, an experienced dog owner, handler and groomer was looking for a dog with something special. She knew right away that Alro, was that dog when she found him on our website.

Since adopting Arlo, big things have been happening for these two.

Arlo and Sam have gone onto win numerous ribbons in Agility, Obedience and in the show rings.


What do all those letters mean??

CD companion Dog (CKC Obedience)

CGN - Canine Good Neighbour

RAMCL -Rally Advanced Magna Come Laude(with honors)(CARO)

RE - CKC Rally-O

ADC -Agility dog of Canada (CKC)

SGDC - Starters games dog of Canada (agility)

AGNJ -Agility novice jumpers (CKC)

Sam is an advocate for the breed, always speaking out and breaking all stereotypes and myths that cloud this wonderful breed. With Arlo at her side, Sam and Arlo are champions for the breed.

Through all of Arlo's awards and appearances at public events, this dog has become a symbol of the love, devotion and sheer will power these dogs have to please their owners. Arlo adores Sam and because of this has accomplished remarkable feats. He has become quite the celebrity in the Pitty Community and we always look forward to hearing of his adventures.

Sam continually gives her time helping HugABull, show the public what great Pit Bulls are really like, through community events and their hard work in the show and out of the show ring.

We know that whatever the future holds for these two superstars HugABull will be cheering them on all the way.

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